The all-in-one toolkit are meeting users who come for the first time to the world of modding of Android phones and streamline activities such as root, install recovery and custom kernel and other activities that usually require the development of a certain number of operations that may be not entirely simple to perform.

To achieve this, use a GUI toolkit that makes it even more immediate fulfillment of the basic steps to take full control of the terminal Android. The HTC devices for which it was issued the toolkit are numerous and, recently, they were joined by two devices, not more recent, but equally supported by the community: HTC Desire S and HTC Explorer . 

HTC Explorer continues to collect resources useful for those who want to try to improve performance. After a few days the news  of the Linux kernel 3.0 , comes, in fact, that the availability of the all-in-one toolkit that can be downloaded from this address . Useful information about it can be found by logging on to the official topic .

The same kit was also released for HTC Desire S terminal that made ​​its debut on the market in spring 2011, standing in the middle segment. The author of the tool-kit is the same, the topic for further information in this regard is as follows , but the kit is not at present available for download. It should be short, since the author has already opened a topic about it and that the reference to the version for Desire S figure in the personal folder of the developer ( VED HERE ).

As mentioned at the beginning, the all-in-one toolkit are available for many HTC smartphones. To see the complete list of supported models, we refer to this address.