Some users of Sony Xperia V can be placed in an unspecified time in the month of December, approximately, looks like they’re experiencing a very annoying problem. There are many reports, but according to the findings the terminal wakes up from stand-by.

Sony Xperia V Bug


A known issue that obviously does not undermine the operation of the terminal, but its functionality for sure. Are not to many other reports and, as it happened Galaxy S III  with the bug of sudden death, this could be solved in a short. Sony  so far has always been very prompt in updates, improving from time to time their terminals .

The technical support of Sony Xperia has been informed users that have reported this problem you are to investigate the malfunction. Some suggestions are to update to the latest version, which moreover has been reported in some cases not solve the problem. Others still a startup of the terminal in secure mode , but also in this case there were no positive responses.

We shall still waiting for a possible release of some update of the terminal for the eventual resolution of this problem. However, please note that the reports are not numerous, so they should not worry too much. If Sony finds the cause of the problem, rest assured that an update will be released in a very timely manner. It might even happen that, although the problem there has ever presented, the update will fix it before you do lamentiate presence.

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